1. Installation
  2. Deploying
  3. How to add an article
  4. Contents and homepage
  5. Markdown Support
  6. Misc

How to add an article

Configuring app

First of all, you need to set up the configuration in the config.py file.

If you leave the MD_ROOT value as it is, the articles will be placed in the same directory where the application is installed inside the md subdirectory.

MD_ROOT = 'md/'  # Path to your .md files

If you want to store articles in a different place, then set this path as the MD_ROOT.

Upload an article

In order to add an article, you need to upload the file to the MD_ROOT directory.

You can upload files via scp or implement uploading articles to the server using git or in any way convenient for you.

File requirements

Files must have the .md extension.

The file name should preferably be without spaces and other characters, except _ and -, since the file name is used in URL.

Articles should be formatted in Markdown. You can read about the features of the implementation of Markdown in the owl here: Markdown support.

If you haven't worked with Markdown before, check out the Markdown tutorial and Markdown syntax.