1. Installation
  2. Deploying
  3. How to add an article
  4. Contents and homepage
  5. Markdown Support
  6. Misc

Markdown support

  1. Overview
  2. Notable examples


owl uses the markdown2 Python module. For more info check their GitHub page.

Some markdown2 extras is enabled by default. Check the config.py:

MARKDOWN2_EXTRAS = ['fenced-code-blocks',

You can explore more extras on the Extras wiki page.

Notable examples


_ and __ for em and strong is disabled by code-friendly extra. Use this:

  • Bold text **Bold text**
  • Italic text *Italic text*
  • Strikethrough text ~~Strikethrough text~~ (works only with strike extra)

With header-ids extra you can add anchor links to your article. Like this:



Tables is provided by tables extra. Small tables looks like this:

# foobar
1 foo
2 bar

For wide tables in HTML, a scrollbox is included, so that they will not go beyond the body of the article.