1. Installation
  2. Deploying
  3. How to add an article
  4. Contents and homepage
  5. Markdown Support
  6. Misc


Code highlighting

Syntax highlighting provided by pygments module. The pastie theme is used.


def foobar():
    foo = 'Hello'
    bar = 'World'
    return foo+' '+bar

You can change theme with replacing static/codehilite.css file.

For genetare CSS for theme just run:

pygmentize -S default -f html > codehilite.css

Replace default with theme you need. You can see all available themes in Pygments Demo.

See more at Pygments command line reference.

Download .md file

Just add .md to end of the URL to the address bar of the browser to download this page in Markdown.


"Raw" pre

If you wath to use <pre> whithout border you can use HTML in Markdown:

<pre class='raw-pre'>
 ,   ,
 /\ /\
((;;; (\
 \ ;;; \'
  ,V.V  `
 `` ``